Using Augmented Reality to Improve Clinical and Engineering Process Flows

Lasya Ampaty • December 1, 2022

Innovative technology continues to push the frontier of both reality and imagination. With companies, such as Meta (fomerly Facebook), Amazon, and other recognizable brands, pouring billions into development of augmented reality (AR) for consumerism, the healthcare sector continues to evolve in parallel. TeleVU has led this evolution with several cutting-edge and practical technology solutions in a broad effort to create efficiency and digitize workflows across the sector. Most recently, this effort produced FlowVU a digital workflow, checklist, and procedural instructional platform for a multitude of healthcare fields from clinical to engineering.

Acute care decision-making amongst clinicians remains an evidence-based algorithmic guideline developed through extensive research. However, in environments or situations where fight-or-flight awareness may be at a peak, maintaining focus remains key and step-by-step support is often necessary. TeleVU’s GlassVU platform supports FlowVU in a hands-free manner allowing clinicians to view procedural checklists, decision tree movement, and procedural instructions without diverting overall attention from complex situations. This allows for immediate real-time support in the field, to procedural settings, such as the cardiac cathlab. By doing so, FlowVU has the potential to reduce situational stressors while allowing the clinical team to maintain focus while utilizing the latest rapidly evolving guidelines for treatment. While the broad clinical application of FlowVU may be apparent, utilization within clinical engineering is also an important aspect for application.

Complex medical instruments require constant maintenance, service, and calibration. FlowVU’s usage allows for the removal of complex service manuals, which require an engineer to have on hand and open when addressing issues with a device. However, with FlowVU, an engineer can continue working on the medical device while following maintenance steps hands-free. Through this modality, engineers can reduce errors and downtime. Additionally, data collected from FlowVU can provide feedback to organizations about obstacles encountered during maintenance or clinical process.

TeleVU’s software hopes to revolutionize the healthcare field by addressing multiple obstacles from language barriers to complex procedures. For clinicians, TeleVU offers a real-time solution for quality and efficient care, minimizing the risk for procedural errors while delivering high quality results. The Canadian company hopes to create a unique virtual care ecosystem to deliver support, remote patient monitoring, and AR algorithms to enhance patient care making it a one-stop shop for healthcare providers.

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