HITLAB Launches Breakthrough ONE: New Membership Program for Healthcare Executives Seeking Professional Development and Networking Opportunities

March 23, 2022 

New York, NY, March 22, 2022 — HITLAB is announced today the launch of Breakthrough ONE (BT1), a new exclusive professional development platform for individuals to amplify their brand and impact in the global medical technology ecosystem through connection, education and inspiration.

Chaired by Bill Taranto, the CEO of Merck Global Innovation Fund, the HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance is a member is a member organization for global enterprises focused on digital health technology adoption through shared evidence and action with some of the top executives in healthcare, tech, and life sciences.

BT1 is committed to helping elevate healthcare leaders who are at a critical point in their professional journey. Members will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend exclusive salon events and gain early access/auto-registration for participation in all HITLAB digital health events
  • Expand their influence and build greater awareness across their professional network
  • Obtain insights from examining transcripts/slides from all HITLAB events
  • Enhance and grow their professional networks through introductions and new professional connections

“Given the success of HITLAB’s Breakthrough Alliance, a member organization that includes some of the top organizations in healthcare, technology and life sciences, we are excited to be able to expand the offering and its benefits to individuals who are seeking networking and professional development within the digital health space,” said Bill Taranto, Chair of HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance.

“I think BT1 has been uplifting because it helped me to think about true barriers, real or perceived, and determine how to tackle them with purpose.  I now have an entirely new lens to examine innovation opportunities, said Zina Manji, Sr. Directory Regulatory Affairs, GSK and Breakthrough ONE member. “BT1 is helping me to define how to frame innovation ideas to support a business case, to be a change agent driving confidence for meaningful healthcare opportunities.”

Membership for BT1 will be available at four different levels: General, Professional, Executive and Global – ranging from $99 – $1999.

Check out our website to learn more about this new offering.

Individuals can sign up here.



Established in 1998, HITLAB is a leading evidence-based, digital health efficacy teaching and testing center specializing in the delivery of world-class digital health innovation research. We help leading organizations ideate, create, and evaluate technology-based solutions to pressing healthcare challenges across the globe. HITLAB works with a wide variety of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors to design and disseminate studies, programs, and products that improve healthcare access and delivery.

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