HITLAB Announces Finalists for Fall 2021 Breakthrough Alliance Challenge

December 7, 2021

HITLAB is pleased to announce the five finalists selected for the Fall 2021 Breakthrough Alliance (BTA) challenge. The BTA is a digital health consortium which was created to accelerate a greater number of innovations to improve health outcomes and care delivery through verified emerging technologies.

The finalists, which were selected based on innovation, scalability, sustainability and impact of their solution, include Cardiomo Care Inc., Duality Technologies, and Livemetric. There were dozens of extensive applications from around the world, which were reviewed and scored by a panel of independent judges and Breakthrough Board Members. 

The winning solutions will be evaluated in rapid-cycle studies with end-users, providing key validation data and actionable insights on concept, design, feasibility and market potential. They will also have an opportunity to present with other industry leaders at HITLAB’s monthly Digital Health Symposia.  

“We had an all-time, great pool of applicants from around the world with highly innovative solutions. The judges made it clear that it was a close competition with very fine details separating the finalists from those that did not advance,” according to Stan Kachnowski, Chair of HITLAB and Director Digital Health Program, Columbia Business School. “Ultimately, the 5 digital health solutions that were selected, adequately address current gaps in healthcare and fulfill unmet needs in the marketplace.” 

Livemetric –  (Denver, CO)

Created World’s first continuous, non-invasive wearable blood pressure monitor highly correlated to the arterial line (2x’s as accurate as the BP cuff). Through passive, wrist worn technology patients, providers and payers can monitor cardiovascular health both during the day and night for a complete picture of cardiovascular health to improve outcomes and reduce mortality associated with cardiovascular disease.

Cardiomo Care Inc. – (New York, NY)

Provides a breakthrough solution for remote cardiac monitoring and chronic care management, which is a unique combination of convenience and usability both for patients and functionality for cardiologists.

Duality Technologies – (Newark, NJ)

Duality Secure Plus offers privacy-preserving and regulation-compliant solutions to enable analysis, planning and research of medical data that is linked or aggregated from multiple sources, such as medical centers.

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