Breakthrough Award Winner Spotlight:

How One Company Is Increasing Data Sharing Using Financial Sector Tools To Drive The Speed and Quality of Clinical Trials

Lasya Ampaty • October 19, 2022

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected with technology, it’s surprising to see that a lack of collaboration and data sharing between organizations remains. The COVID-19 pandemic proved the importance of data collaboration to assess the efficacy of vaccines and detect virology trends. However, many medical organizations globally feared releasing private patient data to third parties, limiting the advancement of medications and treatments. Although medical institutions worldwide wanted to tackle the pandemic collaboratively, they were limited by privacy constraints. Duality Technologies, a Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PET) company, was founded by world-renowned cryptographers and data scientists seeking to break the barriers of data collaboration by ensuring privacy at every step.

With a mission of secure data collaboration, Duality currently partners with well-known companies such as Intel, Scotiabank, Oracle, and IBM to maximize the value of their data while complying with data privacy regulations. The company’s utility of homogenous encryption securely allows for ties between data privacy and data collaboration has allowed the extrapolation of health trends. Recently, Duality collaborated with Dr. Alexander Gusev of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to conduct a Genome-WideAssociation study on encrypted genetic data to identify specific genetic traits associated with complex diseases. Michael Hughes, Duality’s Chief Business Officer, claims that it yielded results 30 times faster than traditional methods providing faster insights and value to the rendered data sets. Hughes also emphasizes how secure data collaboration improves the accuracy of analysis by allowing for sharing of large-scale data instead of limiting sharing within organizations.

The widespread adoption of using technology in different sectors, from finance to healthcare, creates valuable data that can revolutionize the way we solve problems. Instead of keeping the data within a company, sharing encrypted data securely can promote innovation while ensuring patient and consumer privacy. The company is unique compared to other competitors in the field as it encrypts the data set and makes it completely non-identifiable and untraceable. Duality’s push to encourage collaboration across the world’s data in a secure and private manner can positively impact patient and consumer outcomes while revealing groundbreaking trends that can change the world.

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