HITLAB Announces Finalists for Fall 2023 Breakthrough Alliance Challenge

HITLAB TEAM • November 15, 2023

New York, NY – November 15, 2023 —Today HITLAB announced the five finalists selected for the Fall 2023 Breakthrough Alliance (BTA) Innovator’s challenge. The BTA is a digital health consortium which was created to accelerate a greater number of innovations to improve health outcomes and care delivery through verified emerging technologies. 

The finalists, which were selected based on innovation, scalability, sustainability and impact of their solution, include Solidddcorp, TauSpan Technologies, Factually Health, Buddi AI and Neurametrix inc .

There were hundreds of applications from around the world. Each was reviewed and scored by a panel of independent judges and Breakthrough Board Members. 

All 5 companies will have a chance to present their digital health solutions on November 29th during the HITLAB Fall 2023 Innovator’s Summit in NYC.  

Three tiers of winners will be selected. All the winning solutions will be evaluated in validation studies conducted by the HITLAB Research and Evaluation team. They will also receive an opportunity to present with other industry leaders at one of HITLAB’s monthly Digital Health Symposia. The 2nd and 1st place winners will receive published articles. 

Solidddcorp: Soliddd is an optical technology company that has developed the world’s first low-vision aid for macular degeneration that actually provides sight to those areas of the visual field where sufferers previously have been blind. 

TauSpan Technologies: TauSpan Technologies provides high-definition care, physician-designed, AI-driven point-of-care decision support platform consuming EHR and other data to predict and mitigate high impact patient adverse events calibrated with a hospital’s own patient data to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and capture reimbursement. 

Factually HealthFactually Health builds innovative AI-driven tools that access a proprietary, automated system for factual health information. These tools are seamlessly shared with patients on any web/app platform, empowering patients to search only factual info on their disease, while enterprises/organizations gain engagement, eyeballs, and valuable insights from their patients searches. 

BUDDI AI: BUDDI AI is a leading Generative AI Platform vendor for healthcare. Our unique expert model combines specialty-specific rules with active learning for unparalleled coding accuracy and streamlined billing. With flexible input formats and seamless EMR integration, BUDDI AI empowers healthcare organizations to enhance revenue, achieve compliance, and drive efficiency. 

Nuerametrix inc: Nuerametrix provides a continuous non-invasive remote monitoring solution that is a vital sign for mental health and neurodegeneration. It is based on our strongest habit, typing. When the hard wiring of the brain breaks down, we can see this in typing behavior. It is available to anyone anywhere and on any device. 

To learn more about the current and future state of digital care and see the finalists present their solutions, attend HITLAB’s 2023 Innovator’s Summit on November 28-30, Columbia University in NYC.

About HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance 

HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance is an accelerator that helps early-stage startups conduct rapid pilot studies to test their products and move closer to market. Selected startups have their technologies tested in pilot studies with clinical partners and patients, gathering the data needed to accelerate their concepts. To source startups, Breakthrough holds open innovation competitions and networking events that bring together the digital health and investment ecosystem. Breakthrough is membership-based and board members represent the best organizations in healthcare. 

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