Insights and Ideas from HITLAB's Innovators Summit


Last year, HITLAB invited the brightest minds in digital health to gather at our annual Innovators Summit held in NYC. The three-day event featured panels, speakers, and networking events addressing life sciences, public health, medicine, technology, venture capital, and digital health solutions.

We were incredibly fortunate to have many inspiring leaders on stage. Here are six powerful insights they gave us at the 2017 Innovators Summit.


Amy West
Senior Director at Novo Nordisk

“You are not a segment. You are not a population. You are a person with your own unique challenges and values. We are committed to finding the right solutions. It doesn’t matter how good the solution is if people don’t use it.”

Adrian Chernoff
Former VP of Ideation and Research & Development at Johnson & Johnson
“We are moving from a world of individual relationships to interconnected relationships, from physician insights to digital insights. From patient care, to self-care.”
Chrysanthi Dori
Global Data Sciences & Analytics at Bayer

“Until you learn how a technology applies to the patients, you cannot know if it provides value. Experiment first, learn fast, fail fast, and keep learning.”

Lindsay Jubelt
Assistant Professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital System

“It’s difficult to anticipate the next patient health event: to know who is high-risk and then intervene at the right moment. Narrow your population to the people you can identify, and work with them to make a plan for the future.”

Lee Shapiro
Managing Partner and Co-Founder at 7Wire Ventures

“Don’t go as far as the technology will take you. Go where you need to go to help the user.”

Harsha Murthy
Managing Partner at Consummate Capital LLC

“There is a digital divide in the industry. We expect everything to happen quickly – be patient. We often don’t think about what it takes for someone to adopt technology and make it a part of their lives.”