Meet Julia Walsh


Julia Walsh, CEO of Sydney-based start-up Brand Medicine International is a global pharmaceutical marketing communication professional and pioneer in the application of Search Listening to healthcare.

Her innovative approach maps aggregated real-world search queries to the patient journey, and evaluates search engine results pages (SERPs) for their quality and relevance. This emerging discipline that addresses a blind spot in the current customer experience, is built around the online patient information experience (#PIX) and has the capability to uncover misinformation that can be a catalyst for primary non-adherence. It is also a powerful strategic tool to inform messaging as well as inspire brand and tactical planning. Her novel concept of Search Listening Optimisation (#SLOisthenewSEO) is designed to elevate digital strategy to ensure customer-centric design and deployment of online content – with applications for both patients and HCP stakeholders.

As a scientist, Julia’s interest in pharma extends beyond marketing to include the clinical development phase; she hosted a roundtable at the Reuters Clinical 2021 conference entitled Leveraging & Managing the online narrative before, during & after a clinical trial. She will also be speaking at a plenary session at the upcoming ARCS (Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists) conference on the topic of Science in the Age of Information.

Her unique approach to leverage Big Data for health insights is predicted to be broadly adopted over time as a cornerstone of brand strategy. Leveraging her approach to Search Listening to accompany the patient as they undertake their private consultations with Dr Google, and learning from the questions they ask as well as the results they are served, offers industry the key to access a new level of patient engagement and ensure a high level of ROIII (Return On Investment In Information).


Advertising Practitioner Diploma

University of Technology, Sydney; 2002

Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry major

University of Sydney; 1996

Additional Accreditations

Launch Excellence Certified, PharmaAgile 2021

Search Listening Platform Skills, ATP 2020

Strategic Facilitation Skills, TJG 2012

MANTRA Management Training, MSU 2011

Advanced Pharmaceutical Marketing, IMS 2006

Personal Leadership Coaching (DISC) 2005