HITLAB Hosts Digital Symposium Focused on Mental Health and Women’s Health

May 26, 2022

Virtual Event brings together health leaders from across the industry to share insights on the latest digital tech trends for Women’s and Mental Health 

New York, NY, USA. On Thursday, May 26th, HITLAB hosted its May Digital Symposium focused on leveraging technology for women’s and mental health. The event is sponsored by Vicert.  


The virtual symposium featured 3 hours of thought-provoking content with 12+ sessions covering current major topics in women’s and mental health including: 

  • Examples of steps large organizations are taking to create a legacy in women’s physical and mental health and wellness 
  • The future of women’s and mental health and current challenges 
  • How emerging technologies are disrupting traditional standards of care 
  • Areas of opportunity for Investment in women’s and mental health industries 

The agenda will also include 20 leading experts such as: 

  • Renae Beaumont – Assistant Director of Psychology, Weil Cornell Medical Center 
  • Dr. Shailja Dixit – CEO, Curio  
  • Priscilla Beal – Head of Realization, Genentech/Roche 
  • Quake Pletcher – Senior Director Digital Health Partnership, Eli Lilly & Co. 
  • Wendy Lund – Chief Communications Officer, Organon 
  • Kat Marriott, Research  
  • Geeta Nayyar – Chief Medical Officer, Salesforce  
  • Voja Lalich – Founder and CEO, Vicert 
  • Zsia Rosmarin – Partner, Women’s Health Tech Team, Withum 
  • Catherine Skobe – Senior Director, Publications Innovative Solutions Lead, Pfizer 
  • Dr. Bradley Karlin – VP, Executive Medical Director, Behavioral Health, Highmark Health 
  • Shawn Smith – CEO, 1 True Health 
  • Colette Courtion – CEO/Founder, Joylux 
  • Miriam Paramore – Senior Advisor, Sixth Street 
  • Joy Rios – Co-Founder/CEO, Chirpy Bird 

Thursday’s Symposium also featured an exclusive Q&A/book giveaway event with Rachel Scherl, Author of Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness  

“The innovation in Digital Health has the opportunity to overcome many challenges in both women’s and mental healthcare that haven’t been addressed so far,” said Voja Lalich, Founder and CEO of Vicert. “The HITLAB Symposium focused on Mental Health and Women’s Health is one of the key events that put the necessary attention on the needs and opportunities in the space, and we are glad to be able to support it.” 


“May marks National Mental Health Awareness Month as well as National Women’s Health Week, highlighting the importance of both these areas in healthcare,” said Stan Kachnowski, HITLAB Chair and Director, Columbia Business School Digital Health Program. 

“In an attempt to create more awareness for women’s and mental health and help push the conversation forward, our May symposium focused on the current gaps that exist and ways in which they are being addressed using digital technology.” 


The event was free of cost. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for recordings of the session when they are posted. For any questions about the symposium or future speaking/sponsor opportunities contact media@hitlab.org. 



Established in 1998, HITLAB is a leading evidence-based, healthcare innovation lab specializing in the delivery of world-class digital health research and education. We help leading organizations ideate, create, and evaluate technology-based solutions to pressing healthcare challenges across the globe. HITLAB works with a wide variety of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors to design and disseminate studies, programs, and products that improve healthcare access and delivery. 

About Vicert: 

With more than 300 health tech solutions delivered over the past 15+ years our deep expertise in software development and Digital Health allows us to provide one of the best ROIs in the industry. Learn more at vicert.com

Media Contact: Rachel Fredman  – Rfredman@hitlab.org –  (516) 528-1320 

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