Health Leaders Discuss Digital Health and Human Rights During HITLAB October Symposium

HITLAB • October 27, 2022

New York, NY, USA. On Thursday, October 27th, HITLAB will host its October Digital Health Symposium focused on digital health and human rights.  

The virtual symposium, sponsored by Moona, MST and Cancer Center.AI, will run from 11am-2pm ET and will feature thought-provoking content with over a dozen sessions. 

Moona, MST and Cancer Center.AI are digital health organizations, part of Americas Continental Health Alliance (ACHA), who are currently making a global impact.  

Health leaders from Merck GHI, Astellas, Pfizer, Haleon, Pharmagenesis, Rhaeos, HerHealthEQ, Reach TL, Organon, Cumulus Neuroscience and others will share expert insight on topics such as: 

  • Democracy Driving Better Health Outcomes 
  • Human Rights in Open Access Health Publications 
  • Sleep & Wellness as a Basic Human Right – How Health Solutions are Addressing this 
  • Tools for Effectively Extending Access to Remote and Rural Areas 
  • How to Ensure that Patients Can Access Pharmaceuticals Effectively & Continuously 

The agenda and full list of speakers can be found here.

Additionally, attendees will have opportunities to network and interact with hundreds of other professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem during the event and in supplemental post-event breakout rooms.

The Symposium, will also feature an exclusive Q&A/book giveaway with Rita McGrath, author of The Entrepreneurial Mindset

“We are at a critical time in healthcare. While the pandemic accelerated the global adoption of digital health technology, enabling many opportunities including greater access and higher standards of health, we need to ensure that safeguards exist that limit any negative impacts on human rights,” said Stan Kachnowski PhD MPA, Director, Columbia Business School Digital Health Program, Visiting Professor, IIT Delhi, and Chair, HITLAB. “During our upcoming symposium health leaders will explore how to maintain the positive impacts of digital health without losing sight of the human rights aspects.” 

Tickets to the event are complimentary. To learn more click here


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About MST 

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