HITLAB had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Grace Hameister, Founder of Food FiXR for an episode of Women’s Health Tech Wednesdays. 

Dr. Grace shared her thoughts and insights on the importance of nutrition in improving health and overall living. Here is a glimpse of the conversation: 

Who is Dr. Grace? 

I am a seasoned doctor and podcast host focusing on natural solutions for improved health and living, inspired by my time as an elite athlete. 

What do you believe?

I believe in the power of food as medicine, and that the top four killers are all preventable and reversible just by eating the right thing. I prioritize quality ingredients that optimize the body and emphasizes that we are all similar in that we start and end with our food choices. Also, I am adamant that one does not need to sacrifice convenience and costs for good health—there are always affordable options.

What type of cleanse, if any, do you recommend?

One must consult their doctor for the answer here! Everyone is different and simply jumping onto a cleanse, especially one that is a fad, is not productive. 

Lastly, any words of advice?

Keep listening to your gut, and don’t give up—especially if you know you will make an impact on others. My “overnight success” is 20 years in the making!  

We would like to extend gratitude for Dr. Grace Hameister for her time in talking with us. You can stay up to date with her at uncommonmedicine.com.  

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