HITLAB’s Innovators Summit Attracts Innovators Far and Wide with Amy West Keynote Address

Hali Cronin • December 14, 2022

HITLAB’s 2022 Innovation Summit was filled with disruptors, creative minds, and revolutionary technology. Amy West, Head of US Digital Transformation and Innovation at Novo Nordisk, delivered the opening keynote address to the Summit’s attendees both in-person and virtually around the world.

Focusing on this year’s theme for a, “Digital Health Reset,” Ms. West advocated for utilizing an “inside out” approach toward moving digital health innovation forward. Often, creativity centers on looking for a “cool” idea and trying to make a solution by searching for the problem. However, the most effective innovation comes learning more about the problem “inside out” and approaching it from a patient centered perspective. The human centered design, an innovation concept incorporating human and emotional perspective into the problem-solving process, becomes the focal point and will yield meaningful and valuable results.

For Novo Nordisk, which focuses on the treatment of diabetes as a company, innovation starts with focusing on the patient’s experiences. To illustrate this, West begged the question, “what do our customers want us to solve?”, rather than, “what do we want to solve?” Sifting through to the crucial components of a problem and creating solutions that address the identified need(s) is critical. West took it a step further, when she encouraged attendees to “become enamored with the problem, not the solution” because it unlocks creativity that results from understanding a problem thoroughly in both context of the innovator and the user.

The true key to unlocking healthcare innovation is delivering shared value for both the patient and the business. Deliverance of shared value for patients is identifying or creating treatments, solutions, or technologies that address needs in a meaningful process. For business, shared value is adoption of products, technologies, or innovative solutions that meet needs without complete disruption of patient’s daily living. As a result, shared value is the mutualistic relationship between innovator and consumer that is high in quality and meaningful. With this in mind, healthcare innovation will continue to accelerate as inspiration generates new ideas in meaningful ways. Accordingly, HITLAB’s theme for this Innovator’s Summit seems befitting as digital health continues to evolve with a greater focus on value and larger impact.

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