Revisiting the Basics of Digital Health

March 30 @ 11am – 2pm ET

Join industry experts for engaging conversations on the latest in digital health.

Join us for our monthly Symposium. Hear from experts in the field about the latest in digital health tech innovation, and how it is leveling the playing field of health equity around the globe.

HITLAB presents an assortment of digital health experts from a range of industries and backgrounds!

You will be treated to a rapid fire of panel discussions, interviews, and keynote speakers from leaders and innovators in the digital health space, which will leave you armed with insights and learnings from the frontlines of health and human rights.

This three-hour digital health conference is perfect for anyone interested in healthtech startups, pharmaceuticals, medical and humanitarian development, health equity, public health, or students from sustainable development, medical fields, or tech/engineering backgrounds.

Attendees will also have opportunities to network and interact with dozens of professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem during the event and in supplemental breakout rooms following the symposium! All registrants will be given the zoom link to log in to the post symposium meeting via email and the link will be made available to attendees throughout the event.



CEO, Managing Partner

Chief Strategy Officer

Director, Healthcare Association Engagement & Innovation

Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing

Chief Patient Officer

CEO, University Hospital

President & CEO

Chief Economist

Manager, Data Science

CEO & Founder

Product Manager

Manager, Data Science


CEO & Founder


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Real World Evidence in Big Data & Digital Innovations

Bill Taranto, President, Merck Global Health Innovation

Andy Beckman, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing, Garmin Health

Digital Medical Devices Do Play a Role in a Digital Transformation

Laurent Van Lerberghe, Chier Strategy Officer, Sanofi

Using Digital Health to Solve to an Ongoing Geriatric Problem

Peter Niemi, CEO & Co-Founder, Recovery Plus Health
Sanna Gaspard, CEO & Founder, Rubitection

A Clinical Analysis of Home-based Cardiac Rehabilitation

Jenny Martin, Chief Nursing Officer, Recovery Plus Health

Tim Bilbrey, President, Recovery Plus Health

Digital Health Focus: Mobile Health Technology in Action

Zina Manji, Global Fellow, HITLAB

Allison Darcy, President, Woebots Lab Inc

The Basics of Patient Engagement: How Digital Health can improve communication and care coordination

Shawn Smith, CEO, 1 True Health

Mark Duman, Chief Patient Officer, MD Healthcare

The Importance of Medication Adherence

Joanne Watters, Managing Director, customer relations, IMC
Ian MacLeod, Product Manager, IMC

How a Hospital CEO Evaluates a Digital Health Solution

David Berger, CEO, University Hospital, Downstate University

Social Media & Democracy

Julia Cane, CEO, Democracy Investments

Rick Rikosi, Chief Economist, Democracy Investments


Eugenio Zuccarelli, Manager, Data Science, CVS Health

Can Patient Engagement Tools Improve Patient Outcomes?

Dr. Lynne Bui, President & CEO, Khloris Biosciences

Why the Future of Telehealth is Still In-Person

Oliver Kharraz, MD, CEO & Founder, ZocDoc


Stan Kachnowski, Executive Director, HITLAB & Director of the Digital Health program at Columbia Business School