Bridging the Information/Data Gap

September 28 @ 11am – 2pm ET

Join industry experts for engaging conversations on the latest in digital health.

Join us for our monthly Symposium. Hear from experts in the field about the latest in digital health tech innovation, and how it is leveling the playing field of health equity around the globe.

HITLAB presents an assortment of digital health experts from a range of industries and backgrounds!

You will be treated to a rapid fire of panel discussions, interviews, and keynote speakers from leaders and innovators in the digital health space, which will leave you armed with insights and learnings from the frontlines of health and human rights.

This three-hour digital health conference is perfect for anyone interested in healthtech startups, pharmaceuticals, medical and humanitarian development, health equity, public health, or students from sustainable development, medical fields, or tech/engineering backgrounds.

Attendees will also have opportunities to network and interact with dozens of professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem during the event and in supplemental breakout rooms following the symposium! All registrants will be given the zoom link to log in to the post symposium meeting via email and the link will be made available to attendees throughout the event.


Director, Global Well-Being & HR Employee Policies

Head of Data, Digital, and Technology USBU

Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Director, Middle East

Vice President and GM

Executive Medical Director

Executive Director - Strategic Data Products

Board Member & Chapter President


Head of North America Regulatory

President, Ayin Health Solutions




Stan Kachnowski, Director, Digital Education, Columbia Business School

Equitable Digital Empowerment: Uniting Technology and Diversity to Bridge the Digital Divide

Ebony J. (Travis) Tichenor, Director, Global Well-Being & HR Employee Policies, Boston Scientific

Revolutionizing Cardiac Care Through Data

Bill Taranto, President, Merck Global Health Fund
Sadeq Ali, CTO / CPO, Accurkardia

Closing Healthcare's Digital Divide: Insights from Takeda's Pioneering Efforts to Bridge Information Gaps and Improve Patient Access

Steve Winawer, Head of USBU DD&T, Takeda

Bridging the Women's Data Gap: A Collaborative Approach

Samah Ragab, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Director, Middle East, Organon

Bridging Data Gaps in AI and Machine Learning: Ensuring Transparency, Trust, and Physician Confidence

Marissa Fayer, CEO, Deeplook Medical

Bridging the Information Gap in Healthcare: Roche's Collaborative Journey with Healthcare Professionals to Create a Global Web Experience

Kimberly Friedrichs, Channel Experience Strategy Lead (Web), Roche

Precision Data Empowerment: Revolutionizing Pharma Insights

Gunjan Aggarwal, Executive Director – Strategic Data Products, Novartis

Unlocking Insights: Data-Driven Decision-Making and Visualization in Action

Anita Chu Li, Board Member and Chapter President, Association for Women in Science

Transforming Clinical Trials: Innovations in Patient Data Collection and AI Integration

Zina Manji, Global Fellow, HITLAB & Director of Regulatory Affairs, Ellume
Joe Dustin, Vice President and GM, Medable

Unlocking the Secrets of Infant Development: Insights from a Groundbreaking Study

Carla Margalef Bentabol, CTO, Babbly

Taking a 30,000-Foot View: Balancing Data Quantity vs. Quality in Healthcare Decision-Making

Ruth Krystopolski, President, Ayin Health Solutions at Providence Health

Unlocking the Power of Data and AI in Healthcare:

Sharon Huang, Investor, Tau Ventures

Bridging Healthcare's Data and Information Gap with HelixVM: A Path to Informed, Collaborative, and Patient-Centric Care

Robert Rodriguez, CEO & Founder, HelixVM

Closing the Data Gap: Leveraging Telemedicine for Suicide Prevention and Detection

Marc Aafjes, CEO, Deliberate AI