Women's Health Tech Wednesday 10/19/22 

October 19, 2022

On October 19th, we were fortunate to host Vandana Yadav, of HITLAB, for our Women’s Health Tech Wednesday. Here is a glimpse of the conversation

What is your background? 


I always had a curious mindset and I always liked STEM in highs school, therefore I always wanted to pursue a path that involved a combination of biology and technology. Therefore, after I got my Bachelor’s degree, I got a master’s degree in biomedical sciences, which was a unique experience in itself, and I was able to work on certain projects I found to be of interest. Over the years, from working on these projects, I realized it takes a long time to see the impact these effects have on the world, so I wanted something where I can deploy my skills in research and can see the effects right away and effectively, hence HITLAB. I joined as a research associate, and I am now a research strategy manager.

What does Women’s Health Tech mean to you?

At the essence of it all, WHT is making women realize the power of technology when it comes to improving their lives, their health needs, aiding in educating them on topics, exemplifying their options in order to make their health better, and useful in helping them make informed decisions when it comes to their own health. WHT is also advancing how women are being advocated for and making them the center of healthcare, not only as individuals, but as a whole population.

Can you share what type of research projects are you working on?

Although I cannot share the specifics, the basis of my research involves starting from the ideation stage and thinking about the purpose of the latest technology, and validate the idea that a company is starting. Then comes concept evaluation, which is understanding the user need, or the problem that said product is trying to solve. This then segues into questioning who the target audience is, and if that has already been established or not. We also concentrate on clinical evaluation and the clinical efficacy of the product.

 What types of technological trends are you seeing in healthcare?

The metaverse has completely transformed the healthcare accessibility scenario and has tremendous potential. However, despite the progress we are making, we still need to spread awareness and diversity in relation to concentration of markets. We are running more towards saturated markets, and there is still so much work to be done where we can share the opportunities.

What are some words of wisdom you have?

Always have a curious mind, always ask questions, and always have an open mindset.

We would like to extend gratitude to Vandana Yadav for her insight and time. To check out the video of the full interview, click here 

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