Women's Health Tech Wednesday 11/2/22 

November 2, 2022

On November 2nd, we were fortunate to host Rachel Fredman, of HITLAB, for our Women’s Health Tech Wednesday. Here is a glimpse of the conversation

What is your background? 


I have always studied public relations and marketing, and worked for pharma and healthcare companies after graduating. I later developed a particular yearning for the healthcare field. Hence, I made my way over to the healthcare sector, worked there, and wanted to move into the consumer side of healthcare, which is how I wound up at HITLAB. I am very excited to help, and be a part of HITLAB, and bring these fem tech organizations to the forefront.

What are the different opportunities you have seen in the industry to market fem tech to the women that need it?

The fem tech market is poised to be a very large industry, however an issue is that the majority of these companies are not making what they should in revenue, and a big portion of this issue has to do with marketing. But there is a way to market on a budget, and a key component is story telling. This can be done via a new methodology; the idea of content marketing. It is up and coming, and there are endless opportunities for fem tech companies to tell their stories online through different platforms. It is important for these companies to also break through the taboo views of the industry and touch upon these women health challenges, whether it be through blogs, podcasts, or forums like this.

What are some of the things a brand can do to help instill trust in their company and product?

Sharing testimonials and examples on a company website or page would play a big role in gaining trust from consumers. Also, educating people and promoting awareness in regard to female problems, that these fem tech companies are trying to target, will help explain and promote the organization’s brand and motive. This then promotes real world examples of how your brand is credible and helpful, thus instilling more trust.

What are some ways you can incorporate the community into your company?

Social media is the number one way to build community, because it is a way to tell a story, without being too much of a salesperson. This is a great way to connect with your followers and your community as a whole. It is a way to feed them information and engage with the public.

What are some words of wisdom you have?

Personal connections and coddling your relationships are what make a business work, so make sure to utilize them to help others and yourself!

We would like to extend gratitude to Rachel Fredman for her insight and time. To check out the video of the full interview, click here 

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