Women's Health Tech Wednesday 9/28/22 

September 28, 2022

On September 28th, we were fortunate to host Mandy Mason, of Microsoft, for our Women’s Health Tech Wednesday. Here is a glimpse of the conversation

Can you share more about yourself and your journey in the healthcare space?

I found a financial analyst position for a health system and I joined the team and fell in love with the work! Just recently, I transitioned to working for Microsoft, but I am really excited about bringing that forward-thinking technology into the healthcare industry where it is very much needed.

Can you give us some insight into your position as the Global Healthcare Strategy Lead?

At Microsoft, we are constantly striving to bring more innovative solutions to our customers, in all industries, and especially in the healthcare industry. Specifically, there has been a focus to apply technology that we are using in these industries, and apply it to healthcare. Therefore, my role is to be the industry expert, having come from 15 years in the healthcare space. Doing this work for health systems, really helped my Microsoft position, and helped create products and solutions that they have, and get them out to healthcare customers across the world.

How has big tech contributed to the health tech space? 

There is so much work to be done to bring healthcare forward, and we are in such a critical time for demand of patient care arising. As our patient population is aging, this means there are going to need to be different kinds of care. Meanwhile, our talent pools are shrinking. We need to figure out how to digitize and improve and innovate our current work flow to keep up with the demand that we have. Who better to lead that work than one of the largest and best tech companies in the entire world, Microsoft. Microsoft has spent a long time working on these really great solutions in other industries, and now we get to bring forward a lot of that to healthcare, and help health systems where they need it the most.

What factors do you think will influence the workforce by 2030?

Flexibility is a key, critical factor that all healthcare systems need to be thinking about and how to offer flexibility, as well as listening to their employees and what they want. Administrators and executives across the health system need to be listening to the economic influences we are hearing across the world, and make smart decisions.

Are there any other big areas of opportunity you are seeing to drive the healthcare workforce forward, in addition to leveraging data?

Virtual telehealth is going to be another key building block for all health systems. Especially in rural areas, we need to figure out how to do virtual care better. We need to focus on how we can provide safe, reliable and quality care within these areas to ensure positive outcomes for patients.

We would like to extend gratitude to Mandy Mason for her insight and time. To check out the video of the full interview, click here 

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