Women’s Health Technology Wednesday’s: Season 4

July 26, 2022

A new chapter has begun; this upcoming season 4 of Women’s Health Tech Wednesdays is underway as we welcome a brand-new set of speakers. Our symposiums consist of Nina Joshi of Kaiser Permanente, meeting with a powerful guest speaker who has experience in the healthcare field, varying from startup CEO’s creating revolutionary and groundbreaking tech, to executive directors in pharma or big tech corporations. Furthermore, we speak on topics in digital health that range from enhancing a working environment to benefit innovation in women’s health, to growing the medical publication’s ecosystem. Every Wednesday, our Women’s Health Tech Wednesdays are held from 12:30pm to 1:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). With season 4 starting strong, we will continue to speak on the latest events in femtech, as well as unite with innovative leaders in women’s health to help grow, strengthen and empower the field in every aspect. We advocate the promotion of digital health and innovative solutions within the industry, in order to ensure positive change in women’s health and to bridge the gap between disparities. 

All of our speakers are accomplished and involved in the women’s healthcare field. We continue with a preview of a few of our speakers. 

Gina Williams, with 20 years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries delivering, as well as much more expertise, is a Director of Pfizer. She is part of the Digital Medical Core Solutions lead for Medical Publications and Transparency platforms​. Also at Pfizer, working as Director for the Publications Innovative Solutions Lead, is Catherine Skobe, who has been with the company since 2007 and currently co-leads the Publications Management Team. Relevant to her experience, she is an active member of open Pharma, and the International Society of Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP)where she has served as Chair, co-founder of the Social Media and Web-based Metrics Working Group, and served as a member of the Ethics committee and ISMPP U committee. 

Following, we have Sarah Tibesar who is currently the Chief Experience Officer at Digital Diagnostics and has more than a decade of experience leading high-caliber customer success and implementation teams in rapid-growth environments. Her specialization being the healthcare and customer experience industries, as Sarah is responsible for strategy and execution across employee experience, customer experience, and operations areas of the business. Lastly, we have another dedicated woman, Carolyn Kay, who is currently the Senior Manager at Roche, as well as an OBGYN physician. Carolyn has a focus on cervical pre-cancer and cancer, racial disparities in cervical cancer screening, and the use of digital technology to address unmet needs in women’s health. Furthermore, she contributes to the global movement to eliminate cervical cancer while working to move the needle on physician education and health literacy in systemically excluded communities.

All of these powerful women are joined by several other speakers for this new upcoming season, and are all passionate about the importance of innovation and dedicated to the women’s digital health field. These few women are only a sneak peek to the rest of our informative season where we continue to break boundaries, discuss topics in the medical field, and promoting transformation within women’s health.

Women’s Health Technology Wednesday are designed to engage and inspire innovation within the healthcare community. We aim to facilitate connections and inspire change within the women’s healthcare industry. Furthermore, we encourage anyone interested in our mission to attend and interact with us during the symposium. Every week is a fresh new take on the healthcare field and what that means for the future of women’s health. You may also find our weekly Women’s Health Technology Wednesday’s recap on our website with a summary of the discussion, as well as the YouTube link recording below (video will be linked below). To register, click the link and get a preview of our topic and speaker. Finally, our last link is the Zoom link  for the upcoming Women’s Health Technology Wednesday today at 12:30pm-1:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) with Sarah Tibesar. You will not want to miss it!

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