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February Pitch Competition

Challenge Day: Feb 16​, 2023

Seeking Innovators for Virtual Pitch Day

A message from AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP

People want to remain in their homes.   As their health needs change, the opportunities to set up capabilities for greater care and connection will increase.  Share your tech solutions that support aging in place for a home environment. 


Seeking solutions that include but are not limited to:


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We are currently accepting applications for the event, which will be judged based on the following criteria:


Grand Prize: AgeTech Collaborative Award​

2nd Prize: Innovator Award

3rd Prize: Pioneer Award

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Rubitection (Pittsburgh, PA) – Rubitection is building an AI enabled care management platform that provides data driven assessment and care management for chronic wounds, dermatological conditions, and vascular conditions to support caregivers in managing bedsores and diabetic foot ulcers – an $26 billion healthcare problem.

Salveo Innovations (Southeast, DC) AI enabled product CareAlert, plugs into an outlet and without a camera or wearables, provides meaningful actionable alerts about the wellbeing of seniors. Allows voice communication, reminders and over time gets smarter.

The Biosparrow, Squegg (Premborke Pines, FL) Squegg supports health and wellness at home through smart solutions that monitor biomarkers of aging and deliver remote care for upper extremity conditions with an engaging, gamified, user friendly, and AI integrated platform.

Stel Life (Philadelphia, PA) Stel Life simplifies health device connectivity for patients, care teams, and device companies. With Stel, patients don’t require Wi-Fi, smartphones, or tech-literacy to connect with their care teams. Patients use health devices near a Stel Node. Stel passively and securely connects the device data to their care team’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) or preferred platform without risking Protected Health Information (PHI) or complicated workflows.

Envoy America (Scottsdale, AZ) Envoy America unlocks the full potential for older adults by providing best-in-class, reliable and cost-effective companionship, assistance and transportation services. The service helps the businesses that serve older adults grow their market share, increase their star rating and lower their overall costs.

Ursamin (Fayettevill, NY) Ursamin believes people make better health decisions when medical info is easy to access and understand. Your family records, wearable data, shared calendars, resources and education on one platform.

SensorsCall (Atlanta, GA) AI enabled product CareAlert, plugs into an outlet and without a camera or wearables, provides meaningful actionable alerts about the wellbeing of seniors. Allows voice communication, reminders and over time gets smarter.

Wisdo Health (New York, NY) Wisdo Health is an evidence-based peer support and benefits navigation platform designed to address the harmful consequences of loneliness, social isolation, and lack of engagement on health outcomes and costs. Wisdo uses a data-driven model to map users’ life challenges, goals, and obstacles to health, then proactively connects them with helpful peers who have been in their shoes, group coaching to build social skills, and referrals to clinical and SDOH solutions offered to users through their employer, state, or health plan.

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Watch live as innovators pitch their Tech Solutions that Support Aging in Place! The Judges will deliberate and decide who is most deserving of the coveted Grand Prize.


No, there is no application fee. HITLAB does not take equity from winners or participants, and there is no fee to accept prizes. There is no cost to innovators for applying or participating.

Each finalist will be allotted 5-6 minutes for their presentation, and an additional 3 minutes for questions from the judges. Finalists will be judged on feasibility, scalability, impact, novelty, and sustainability.

For more information, please review the Official Social Connections Challenge Rules.

Ideally we are looking for early stage companies with less than $1 million in annual revenue and $15 million dollars (US) in total funding. The company should have a minimum viable product. This financial criteria is not rigid. Applicants must be headquartered in the United States.
No, the Challenge Day on February 16, 2023 will be held entirely virtually. You will not be required to attend in-person. You or someone from your team will be required to attend the challenge virtually to complete your pitch, and all finalists will be required to complete mentorship bootcamp the week prior to the challenge, which will also take place virtually.
Finalists will be announced on January 27, 2023 via social media, press release, and newsletter.