HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance

A consortium by HITLAB and NYCEDC to source and accelerate the most disruptive emerging digital health solutions in NYC and beyond.

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Faster progress. Greater impact.

HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance is an accelerator that helps early-stage startups conduct rapid pilot studies to test their products and move closer to market. Selected startups have their technologies tested in pilot studies with clinical partners and patients, gathering the data needed to accelerate their concepts. To source startups, Breakthrough holds open innovation competitions and networking events that bring together the digital health and investment ecosystem.

Breakthrough is membership-based and board members represent the best organizations in healthcare.



Discover the Breakthrough operating model.

HITLAB Breakthrough Process

I. Search & Selection Process:

HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance executive board members advise on the desired characteristics and capabilities of potential candidate companies such as selection criteria, value, and future product and service development.

II. Evaluation & Clinical Studies

HITLAB evaluates the long-term prospects of solutions reviewed and selected by the board and conducts rapid user and pilot testing for solutions.

III. Board Input & Participation

The board tracks progress of participants and endorses specific support plans for accelerating potential value. Board members can offer facilities or resources for expanded pilot-testing and value verification and have opportunities to select prospects for strategic alignment discussions.

IV. network Effects

Board members, through regular interaction and collaboration, will be defining value propositions for individual opportunities and the broader potential of greater value creation from integration and synergies between solutions.



Rooted in three years of successful programming.

HITLAB has been operating the Digital Health Breakthrough Network (now HITLAB Breakthrough) for three years with the goal of supporting NYC-based digital health startups. After nearly three years of the Digital Health Breakthrough Network, alumni have gone on to create more than 140 jobs in NYC and raise more than $195 million in venture capital funding.

The Digital Health Breakthrough Network will help advance technologies that could benefit thousands of New Yorkers. This program provides a pathway to success for many budding startups and will keep New York City on the cutting-edge of innovation.
— Maria Torres-Springer, Former President, NYCEDC

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Get to know HITLAB Breakthrough

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We’re on a mission. HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance exists to:

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Find and accelerate some of the most potentially disruptive emerging digital health solutions.

Create mentoring relationships between sponsors and selected early-stage companies to accelerate the most promising solutions and lay the groundwork for possible strategic relationships.

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Undertake rapid search, selection, verification, and diffusion of these solutions for improving outcomes, reducing costs, and enhancing effectiveness of providers, payers, and clinics in NYC and beyond.

Lay the groundwork for accelerated creation and growth of new innovative healthcare businesses in NYC and beyond.

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Support selected solutions to quickly capitalize on their potential value through strategic insights, business operations expertise, clinical trial and development testing, scale-up and market-entry guidance, and more.

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Offer personalized insights for managing sponsors about how emerging solutions could complement, integrate with and transform their business strategies.

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Assist selected emerging solution companies in building long-lasting strategic relationships with individual sponsor companies as well as other healthcare stakeholders.



HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance: Select startups



About HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance

HITLAB and NYCEDC launched Digital Health Breakthrough Network in 2016 as part of its broader efforts to facilitate growth in New York City’s healthcare and life sciences sectors. Now, HITLAB operates the program independently as HITLAB Breakthrough and continues to provide prototype testing services to the digital health ecosystem.


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