redefining the caregiving journey

Findings on the caregiven platform

Of employees are currently engaged in caregiving

Companies are left to deal with increased rates of absenteeism and turnover

Of all informal caregivers are women

caregiven tackles the unique challenge that caregiving poses to both individuals and companies

Caregiven is an intuitive mobile app that decreases overwhelm and empowers more confident caregiving.

When providing end-of-life care for a loved one, many hope for a time filled with meaningful moments; however, the journey is often described by caregivers as confusing and overwhelming. Motivated by the founder’s own experience, Caregiven aims to demystify caregiving, helping people to navigate their roles as both caregivers and trusted employees.


roadmap to care

Offering users peace of mind for the path ahead.


Conversational Chatbot

Guiding caregivers and making recommendations on priorities.


In-App Tools

Offering caregivers more than helpful hints.

HITLAB worked one-on-one with Caregiven to build out a winning financial model and prepared the team for its next steps.

Through this collaboration, major decisions and vast concepts were distilled down to granular questions, which helped the startup move past challenging roadblocks. Caregiven was provided with the tools necessary to tackle questions regarding monetization of the platform, the go-to-market strategy, and pricing. These strategies challenged the founder, Candice Smith, to consider options from academic and emotional perspectives, helping her build confidence in conversations with investors. Candice describes the experience as empowering and appreciates that the final financial model stays true to the company’s mission.

—Candice Smith, Founder of Caregiven

—Candice Smith, Founder of Caregiven

created a new financial model

for the business’ future.

defined a clear business strategy

to clarify the platform for new users.

solidified details around pricing

to better appeal to discerning investors.

recent developments

Updated january 2020

fall 2019

accepted into the highly selective Global Insurance Accelerator

spring 2020

expanded core team, welcoming a technical co-founder on board

fall 2020

early adopters will be able to engage with the technology

—Candice Smith, Founder of Caregiven

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