Review of HIMSS & ViVe: The Converging Pathways of the Startup Journey

April 27 @ 11am – 2pm ET

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Join us for our monthly Symposium. Hear from experts in the field about the latest in digital health tech innovation, and how it is leveling the playing field of health equity around the globe.

HITLAB presents an assortment of digital health experts from a range of industries and backgrounds!

You will be treated to a rapid fire of panel discussions, interviews, and keynote speakers from leaders and innovators in the digital health space, which will leave you armed with insights and learnings from the frontlines of health and human rights.

This three-hour digital health conference is perfect for anyone interested in healthtech startups, pharmaceuticals, medical and humanitarian development, health equity, public health, or students from sustainable development, medical fields, or tech/engineering backgrounds.

Attendees will also have opportunities to network and interact with dozens of professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem during the event and in supplemental breakout rooms following the symposium! All registrants will be given the zoom link to log in to the post symposium meeting via email and the link will be made available to attendees throughout the event.


Global member

Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare

Senior Partner, National Health Tech Leader

CEO, Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer

Vice President, Tech Services

Founder & CEO

Founder & Host

Vice President, Tech Services

Program Director

Manager, Data Science



Challenges & Opportunities in the Clinical Trials Space

Bill Taranto, President, Merck Global Fund
Chrysanthi Dori, VP of Tech Services at Medidata Solutions

Chat GPT, Wearables, & more

Christine Buck, CMO, HIMSS

Health Systems & Their Relationships with Vendors

Peter Micca, Senior Partner, National Health Tech Leader,

ViVe: From the Production POV

Mark Stevens, Managing Partner at EnableHealth


Glen Tullman, CEO, Transcarent, Founder/Managing Partner, 7WireVentures

Generative AI, The Next Big Thing

Mark Stevens, Managing Partner at EnableHealth

Patent Trends, portable, personalized medicine, digital medical devices

David C. Lee, Partner, Carter DeLuca

Mary Howard, ELabNYC, WCBA, ABCT a program of FirstXFounder


Tjasa Zajc, Founder, Host, Faces of Digital Health


Zina Manji, Global Board Member, HITLAB

April Smith-Hirak, Regional Health Administrator at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


Amanda Azadian, Product Manager, Digital Health Strategy, AMA

Medication Adherence Review

Greg Bauer, Strategist, HITLAB
Joanne Watters, Managing Director, Customer Relations, IMC

The Consumer & Patient Experience

Richard Schwabacher, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer at BioReference

Advanced Health Technology: The Reveal at ViVe

Rachel Fredman, HITLAB

Sherri Douville, CEO, Medigram


Thank you to our partners for this event

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Any startups and emerging tech companies looking for assistance can reach out to Carter DeLuca partner David Lee at dlee@carterdeluca.comwith any IP questions before and after the Symposium and/or connect with him via LinkedIn here.

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