August 3, 2022

On August 3rd, we were fortunate to host Joanna Campbell, of Abbvie, for our Women’s Health Tech Wednesday. Here is a glimpse of the conversation: 

What is Joanna’s background?

Joanna Campbell started with a PhD in economics and was later interested in the choices people make in general, thus bringing her to the healthcare arena and the decisions people make about their health and healthcare use. She started in academia in a cross-functional setting in UTMB medical school and went on to consulting for four years in pharmacoeconomics. Then, she ended up working for Allergan, which was acquired by Abbvie, and really ended up touching all aspects, in research space academia consulting and industry.

What does Women Health Technology mean to you?

It allows us to discover healthcare techniques that may not be open to women and allow it to be more innovative and grow as much as possible.

What are some changes you would like to see to get more women in these healthcare spaces?

Personalized medicine, for one, because there are important factors to take in when creating healthcare, and these perspectives come from diversity, hence creating more speed and productivity. As well as, getting more concrete plans, and technology to get action where we see the differences that are important.

Discuss more about the significance of internal experience and success, and how you built improved experiences for your employees, to create an inclusive environment.

Employee outcome makes the business more effective and is a huge impact to business. We create an inclusive environment through employee experience surveys  where we are taking the time to actually read through, listen, and respond to feedback. It is important to ask for feedback and actually listen to it and find ways to learn from, and hear ideas from our employees and continue to find ways to serve them.

What is your formula for enhancing employee outcomes and satisfaction at your organization?

Make sure they know feedback is heard, and that they know they matter to the company.

We would like to extend gratitude to Joanna Campbell for her insight and time. To check out the video of the full interview, click here.  

YouTube video

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